simply vintage love is blooming!

welcome to simply vintage love! things are really blossoming over here! i'm excited to launch my blog and look forward to sharing my most recent event which will mark the official beginning of simply vintage love (even though it's been in the works for quite some time now). many new items have filtered in over the past week (thanks to two fabulous scavengers!) it's a wonderful time of year to be picking up unique finds at yard sales. in just a few more days i'll have more time to scour shops and yard sales, adding more love to my vintage collection! 

here is a sneak-peak into my most recent adventure. it was fathers day and being the wonderful father he is, he helped prepare for my very first photoshoot. how cute is this?   
check back soon for a glimpse into what i've been up to and learn about the beautiful orchard where this photo was taken, a fabulous photographer, make-up artist, florist, jewelry designer, vintage clothing lover and more...all here in our beautiful annapolis valley! it's blossom time!
x love & light to you in your corner of the world x

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